To encourage all members to participate in our club auctions and especially to focus on the resurrection and keeping of some rarer fish, we oagain entice our members with the opportunity to win $150 in vouchers, to be drawn at the December General Meeting, courtesy of our very generous sponsor, AllFish2U.

Who ?
Any financial or Life member, may enter

What ?
Enter any PAIR of native fish into the auction, without a reserve, to receive ONE entry into the draw.
Enter and PAIR of fish from the list below, without a reserve, to receive TWO entries into the draw

C Bitaeniatus
C Rhombosomoides
C. Axelrodi
C Campsi
C Fasciata
G Dorityi
G. Maculosus
G Multisquamata
G Pseudoincisus
G. Wanamensis
I Werneri
M Affinis
M Angfa
M Eachamensis
M. Fluviatilis
M Fredericki
M Goldei
M Herbertaxelrodi
M. Lakamora
M Oktediensis
M Papuae
M Picta
M Sahulensis
M Sexlineata
M Synergos
M. Trifasciata Habgood River
M Trifasciata Wonga Creek
M Trifasciata Yirrkala
M Wilsoni
P Connieae
P Cyanodorsalis
P. Furcatus
P Gertrudae
P Ivanstoffi
P Luminatus
P Mellis