Introducing a new initiative for ANGFA NSW in 2021…

To encourage the resurrection and keeping of some rarer fish, we offer our members the opportunity to win $150 voucher, to be drawn at the December General Meeting, courtesy of our very generous sponsor, AllFish2U.

Who ?
Any financial or Life member, may enter

What ?
These species have been selected for 2021. Click the name for an image & species details

C. Axelrodi
C. Campsi
C. Fasciata
C. Rhombosomoides
G. Maculosus
G. Multisquamata
I. Werneri
M. Affinis
M. Australis
M. Exquisita
M. Goldiei
M. Gracilis
M. Maccullochi
M. Pygmaea
M. Tatei
P. Connieae
P. Gertrudae
P. Mellis

How ?
Each time a PAIR of fish from this list is put through an auction, with no reserve price, the seller will receive an entry into the draw.
At the December meeting a draw will take place to select a winner.

In short, the more of these fish you put through an auction, the greater your chance of winning.