Following the success of the inaugural Breeders Draw in 2021 & 22, we will run the scheme again throughout 2023 but in a more inclusive way.

To encourage the resurrection and keeping of some rarer fish, we offered our members the opportunity to win $150 in vouchers, to be drawn at the December General Meeting, courtesy of our very generous sponsor, AllFish2U.

Who ?
Any financial or Life member, may enter

What ?
Enter any PAIR of native fish into the auction, without a reserve, to receive ONE entry into the draw.
Enter and PAIR of fish from the list below, without a reserve, to receive TWO entries into the draw

C Bitaeniatus
C Rhombosomoides
C. Axelrodi
C Campsi
C Fasciata
G Dorityi
G. Maculosus
G Multisquamata
G Pseudoincisus
G. Wanamensis
I Werneri
M Affinis
M Angfa
M Eachamensis
M. Fluviatilis
M Fredericki
M Goldei
M Herbertaxelrodi
M. Lakamora
M Oktediensis
M Papuae
M Picta
M Sahulensis
M Sexlineata
M Synergos
M. Trifasciata Habgood River
M Trifasciata Wonga Creek
M Trifasciata Yirrkala
M Wilsoni
P Connieae
P Cyanodorsalis
P. Furcatus
P Gertrudae
P Ivanstoffi
P Luminatus
P Mellis