Next Meeting is the Autumn Super Auction
Midday for Sellers / 1pm for Buyers, Saturday 15th April 2023 at
Club Rivers, 32 Littleton St, Riverwood

NOTE – Change to the 3rd Saturday in the month to allow for Easter, for this meeting only.

Meeting Dates

Members are reminded, the Committee Meetings are open to anyone to attend but you will need an invitation to join the Zoom session and whilst are welcome to participate, you won’t have a vote.
Reach out to Graham Lathleiff if you’d like to attend.


14 Jan – Committee Meeting (Zoom)

11 February – General Meeting

FRIDAY 17 February – Combined Clubs Zoom Meeting (VIC Hosting)

11 March – Committee Meeting (Zoom)

18 March – Autumn Super Auction

15 April – General Meeting

13 May – Committee Meeting (Zoom)

FRIDAY 19 May – Combined Clubs Zoom Meeting (QLD Hosting)

10 Jun – General Meeting

8 Jul – Committee Meeting (Zoom)

12 Aug – Annual General Meeting

FRIDAY 18 August – Combined Clubs Zoom Meeting (NSW Hosting)

9 Sept – Committee Meeting (Zoom)

14 Oct – General Meeting

4 Nov – Committee Meeting (Zoom)

11 Nov – Spring Super Auction

FRIDAY 17 Nov – Combined Clubs Zoom Meeting (NAU Hosting)

9 Dec – General Meeting