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Why join ANGFA NSW ?

We offer the most inclusive and best value membership around.
For just $20 a year (July – June) you get…

– In Person meetings SIX times per year comprising:
– Presentations
– Raffle
– Members Draw – $25 voucher prize for the trade table / online shop or to spend at meeting auctions
– Auction (typically 50 lots for sale)

– TWO Super Auctions per year (typically 400-500 lots for sale)
– Field Trips, incl associated scientific collection permits
– Group Insurance
– SIX editions of the Rivus newsletter per year
– 10% discount on everything in the online shop
– Access to the Annual Breeders Draw – $150 voucher prize
– Rewards Points for supplying RIVUS content
– Website with a growing, exclusive Members Only area
– Facebook page & Instagram group
– Learn tips & tricks from over 80 like minded enthusiasts & industry experts

When you join ANGFA NSW, you ONLY join ANGFA NSW.

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Trade Table

ANGFA NSW offers goods for sale both in-person at our meetings on the Trade Table as well as through our online shop.

Members wishing to sell items on the Trade Table may do so, in accordance with these guidelines:
1. Goods must not be in competition with items sourced & sold by the club
2. Goods must be new
3. Must add value for the members
4. Must offer value for money, ie be priced below retail
5. ANGFA NSW will not collect a commission on any sales made by members
6. This facility is not to be used in-lieu of entering items in an auction