Our membership year runs 1 July – 30 June and remains fixed at just $20
Your options are:
– Pay cash at the next meeting
– Contact David Matheson or Graham Lathleiff for the club bank account details for a direct transfer
– Renew online HERE

Remember, for ANGFA NSW memberships, you can ONLY join or renew direct with us – NOT through any other State or National

Special Offer

Renew or join now (valid thru 30 June 2024) and for just $10 extra receive a copy of Australian Native Fishes for Aquariums

Hurry, while stocks last!

April Meeting

The first meeting after a Super Auction is always relatively quiet BUT we were entertained and educated by Dr Tony Gill, one of our long serving members, with his presentation on the Taxonomy of Anthiadine Fishes.

Despite the school holidays, we still drew in 20 people and gained another new member – welcome to Jeremy Roach.

Raffle winners were Gary Spokes and Dr Tony Gill.
Members Draw winner was recent new member Tony Blewitt – Tony, your $25 voucher is on its’ way.

Species through the auction included:

Gwynne Ck Rainbow
M Duboulayi Coutts Crossing
M Goldiei
M Parva
M Rubrostriata
M Tri Myka Ck
M Utchiensis
Malanda Rainbow
P Gertrude Eubanangee Swamp
P Gertrude Trunding Ck
P Mellis
R Ornatus Coochin Ck
Pearl Blue Yabbies
Antler Fern
Java Fern

Autumn Super Auction

Wow, what a day!

Easily the biggest auction we’ve had for years in terms of attendance – thank you to everyone that came along and contributed to it being such lively auction.

Thanks also to all our supporters – the members who put items through the auction, especially those who very generously donated their proceeds directly to the club.
Also to our sponsors, AllFish2U, NotafishOlee and Kongs (AquaOne) for donating raffle prizes and Aquarium Industries & Aquagreen for providing us some great fish.

A special thanks to Club Rivers for providing their awesome facilities to us free of charge again.
For regular meeting attendees, membership of Club Rivers is only $5 a year and gets you discounts on drinks, meals and access to the secure car park on Littleton St.
Show them your support in appreciation of everything they do for us and save yourself a few bucks at the same time.

Without all of you, we couldn’t make these days the success they are or continue to provide the level of member benefits we return to you.

In just over 4 hours of frantic bidding we got through 347 Lots and collected a total of $7137, of which $4097.60 was paid out to the members that entered items for sale….if that’s not encouragement to start raising fish for the Spring Auction in November, I don’t know what is!

Items / Species sold were:

A Agassizi
C. Bleheri
C Fasciata Clearwater Ck
C Fasciata Lake Vana
C Rhombosomoides
Darwin Long Nose Shrimp
Gwynne Ck M sp.Malanda Rainbow
G Incises
H Compressa
I Werneri Arufura Swamp
M Dub. Kangaroo Ck
M Dub Olney State Forest
M Eachamensis Dirran Ck
M Exquisita Bindoola Ck
M Goldei
M Kamaka
M Lacustrus
M Parva
M Picta
M Praecox
M Pygmaea
M Rubrostriata
M Spl Wallaby Ck
M Spl Inornata
M Tri Beening Ck
M Tri Brown Ck
M Tri Cato River
M Tri Giddy Ck
M Tri McIvor Ck
M Wilsoni
M Adspersa
Malanda Gold
P Gertrudae Eubanangee Swamp
P Gertrudae Trunding Ck
P Ivanstoffi
P Luminatus
P Mellis
P Signifer
R Ornatus Garland Ck
R Ornatus Coochin Ck
R Ornatus Pine Ck
R Ornatus Poona Ck
R Ornatus Stradbroke Is.
R Ornatus Teewah Ck
T Ocellicauda

Blue Pickerell Weed
Ceratopteris Pteroides
Christmas Moss
Dendrobium orchid
Duck orchid
Dwarf rock orchid
Java Fern
Java Moss
Louisiana iris
Needle leaf java fern
Pond Plant mix
Slipper orchid
Trident Java Fern
Val Nana
Water hibiscus

Albino bristlenose
Apistograma Borelli
Apistograma triple red
Aphyosemion Gardneri
Black Ghost Knifefish
Blue marble Betta
Bolivian Butterfly cichlid
Cardinal tetra
Celebes Rainbowfish
Celestial Pearl Danio
Clown Loach
Corydoras Pygmaeus
Corydoras Schultzei
Corydoras Similis
Corydoras Sterbai
Corydoras Venezuelanus
Crystal black shrimp
Darwin freshwater crab
Emerald Rasboras
Epiplatys Annulatus
Freshwater mussels
Golden Ghost Knifefish
Longfin Bristlenose
Mystis Vittatus
Ramirezi Blue cichlid
Red cherry shrimp
Red marble bristlenose
Skittles Shrimps
Super red bristlenose
Synodontis Ocellifer

Members draw was won by Will Goodwin – your voucher has been emailed to you and can be used in our online store or at a meeting in exchange for trade table goods or in an auction within the next 12 months.

Raffle was won by Ilia Lee who chose the Aqua One tank, second prize went to Stephen Kumjew who chose the $50 AllFish2U voucher and third prize went to Derek Girkin who got the Artemia hatchery courtesy of NotAFishOLee


Trade Table goodies – you can find all of this online, including he new range of ANGFA NSW mugs
Go to

February ’23 Meeting

Great kickoff to a New Year.

Thanks to long time member and sponsor Craig Poulton, of NotaFishOLee, for his presentation on breeder boxes and kind donation of raffle prizes and giveaway water conditioners.

The Members Draw was won by Adam Bull and raffle prizes went to serial winners, Jim Rorris & Chris Vorbach – congrats to all!

Items through the auction:

Common Bristlenose
Corydoras Panda
Empire Gudgeons
I Werneri Arufura Swamp
M Eachamensis Gwynne Ck F1
M Lacustrus
M Parkinsonii
M Parva
M Picta
M Rubrostriata
M Tri Cato River
M Tri Myka Ck
M Utchiensis
P Mellis
P Gertrudae Eubanangee Swamp
P Gertrudae Trunding Ck F1
R Ornatus Coochin Ck
R Ornatus Pine Ck
R Ornatus Poona Ck
R Ornatus Stradbroke Is.
Ramshorn Snails
Yellow Tiger Endlers

Java Moss & fern
Knobby club rush
Louisiana Iris
Mop – Affinis Pagwi
Mop – Boesemani
Mop – M Tri Goyder river
Swamp Mazus
Val Nana
2′ x 1′ x 1.5′ aquarium
Internal power filter
Asstd coral rock

December ’22 Meeting

What a fantastic end to a busy year and thanks to everyone who joined us today, especially the team from our keystone sponsor ALLFISH2U and our newest Life Member, Lothar Voigt.

We celebrated with THREE Members Draws – congrats to Adrian Stephen, Jim Rorris & Nick Serbin, who each receive a $30 voucher from ALLFISH2U

The raffle was won by recent new member Henry Murray, who picked the AquaOne Aqualume 23 integrated aquarium, courtesy of Kongs…what a great way to start out with ANGFA NSW!

Second prize went to Chris Vorbach who won a $50 voucher from ALLFISH2U

The annual Breeders Draw was won by David Matheson, who generously declined to accept the prize and returned it to be split and re-drawn. After numerous draws of his tickets, two $75 ALLFISH2U vouchers were eventually won by Lachlan Nevinson & Graham Lathleiff.

A massive shout and thanks to Richard Blake, Carmelo D’Urso and Brendan Moar for manning the BBQ and to David Matheson for bringing the grill, doing the shopping and making the kebabs.

Entries through the auction were:

M. Tri. Cato River
M. Picta
M. Parva
M. Lacustrus
Neolamprologus Daffodil
M. Dub Kangaroo Ck
P. Mellis
P. Gertrudae Eubanangee Swamp
M. Utchiensis
M. Eachamensis Dirran Ck
Endlers Livebearers
C. Fasciata Clearwater Ck
Grindal worms
Vinegar Eels

Java Fern
Java Moss
Xmas Moss
Louisiana Iris
Aponogeton Crispus
Green tiger lotus
Red flame sword
Echinodorus Uruguayensis

Biggest and best bargain of the day was an extremely generous donation from Lothar…..

Catch yourself 3 bags of fish, from either:

  • A pair of rainbows (boesemani, Cato R., bleheri, praecox, Mt Poverty, duboulayi
  • 6 juvenile rainbows
  • 4 cichlids (Red Empress, Maingano, Mpanga, Yellowtail Acei, Kribensis, Multies)
  • 4 others (Red-claw Crays, Pearl Gouramis, Blue or Apricot Paradise Fish, Endler’s, Bristlenoses, Gold White Clouds, Neons)
  • Stuff yourself 3 bags full of plants. 

ANGFA NSW Spring Super Auction!
Proudly supported by AquaOne, AllFish2U and Aquarium Industries

Well, that was fun!

A massive thanks to everyone who attended the auction – our best attendance in a long time and standing room only by starting time!

We also welcome 6 new members, joining at the auction – Daniel Coulton, Richard Dowdall, Nicola Enilane, Ich Hao Hinh, Derek Arnaiz & Ridz Hasan

In 4 hours we cleared 322 Lots and paid out $6413 to members!
The full list was:

Rainbows & Natives

Blue Pearl Yabby
C Bleheri
Dwarf Galaxias
G Incisus
M Affinis “Pagwi”
M Boesemani
M Catherinae
M Duboulayi Baffle Ck
M Duboulayi Coutts Crossing
M Duboulayi Kangaroo Ck
M Duboulayi Olney State Forest
M Herbertaxelrodi
M Lacustrus
M Misoolensis
M Nigrans
M Parva
M Praecox
M Sahulensis
M Spl Fletcher Ck Blue var
M Spl Milla Milla Falls
M Spl Mount Poverty
M Spl Tatei Finke Rvr
M Spl Wallaby Ck
M Spl Inornata Flat Rock Ck
M Spl Inornata Running Ck
M Tri Cato River
M Tri Myka Ck
M Tri Pacsoe River
M Tri Running Ck
M Utchiensis
M. Winsoni
Malanda Rainbows
Peacock Gudgeon
P Gertrudae Beening swamp
P Gertrudae Eubanangee Swamp
P Mellis
Red claw crayfish
R Ornatus Coldstream Ck
R Ornatus Evans Head
R Ornatus Pink Ck
R Ornatus Poona Ck
R Ornatus Stradbroke Is
Southern Pygmy Perch
Waterhouse snails
Western Pygmy Perch
Williams Ck Malanda (Malanda Gold) F1
Yellow Mystery Snail


Aphyosemion Australe Chocolate
Apricot paradisefish
Black Bar Endlers
Blue Shrimp
Blue Endlers
Blue paradisefish
Bristlenose catfish
Celebes Rainbows
Celestial pearl danio / galaxy rasbora
Cory Aeneus Albino
Cory (mixed)
Cory Panda
Crystal black shrimp
Electric blue
Electric yellow
Emerald Dwarf Danio
Ghost knifefish
Kuhli Loachs
L333 Yellow King Tiger Plecs
Madagascar Rainbows
Mpanga Metriaclima Elongatus
Neolamprologus Multifasciatus
Neolamprologus Pulcher “Daffodil”
Neon tetras
Opal Endler
Panchax, giant gold
Pearl Gourami
Peppermint Bristlenose
Pineapple Swordtails
Platinum Snakeskin Japanese
Red Empress
Red Ramshorn Snails
Red Swordtails


Alternanthera Reineckii
Amazon Sword
Baby tears
Christmas Moss (Vesicularia montagnei)
Crepidomanes Auriculatum
Echindorus Uruguayensis
Hygrophila Sunset
Java Fern
Java Fern Needle Leaf
Java moss
Louisiana Iris, purple
Red Water-milfoil (Myriophyllum verrucosum)
Val nana
Val “ultra thin”
Val “short thin”
Val giant
Water Hibiscus
Weeping moss

The Members Draw was won by Helen Baker, who receives a $25 voucher to use at a future meeting or online purchase.
Our Sponsored raffle prize winners were Jasper Nevinson who picked the AquaOne aquarium, Ich Hao Hinh chose the $30 AllFish2U voucher.

Vale John Buckley

It’s with the greatest sadness, we share news that today, 16 September 2022, on his 76th birthday, we say goodbye to ANGFA NSW Life Member, long-time committee member and dearest friend, John Buckley.

Whilst small in stature, John had a huge heart and love for this club and the hobby as a whole. His enthusiasm was infectious and generosity, boundless.

We will miss him terribly and send our love and deepest condolensces to his family at this difficult time.

August ’22 Meeting & AGM

Great two-stage meeting today.

We started with our AGM, where a new Committee was elected (mostly by default as positions were unopposed).

Our 2022/23 Committee are:

President, Treasurer & Rivus Editor – David Matheson
Vice President – Richard Blake
Public Officer & Digital Media Co-Ordinator – Graham Lathleiff
Auction Co-Ordinator & Minutes Secretary – Lyn King
Field Trip Co-Ordinator & Threatened Species Liaison – Lachlan Nevinson
Ordinary Members – Brendan Moar, Jim Rorris, Helen Baker and welcome to Carmelo D’Urso to the team

Following the AGM, our regular meeting kicked into full swing with a fantastic presentation from Dr Fish, Adam Kereszy. Check it out on our Facebook page.

The raffle prize was kindly donated by Aqua One distributor, Kongs. A fantastic Focus23 integrated aquarium, and was won by Jim Rorris.

The members draw was won by Bozena Hochwallner and accepted by Manfred – a signed copy of Adams’ book.

Species through the auction included:

Malanda Sp. Williams Ck
M. Trifasciata Yirrkala
M. Picta
M. Trifasciata Goyder R.
C. Bleheri
G. Pseudoincisus
M. Duboulayi Olney State Forest
M. Trifasciata Myka Ck
M/ Fluviatilis Edwards R.
M. Australia Drysdale R.
C. Campsie
M. Goldei
P. Furcatus
P. Luminatus
Peacock Gudgeon
Bristlenose Catfish – common & Long Fin
M. Spl. Inornata Flat Rock Ck
Mystery Snails
Java Moss
Louisiana Iris

Finally, a thanks to Derek & Lorraine for kindly donating copies of past editions of RIVUS to help fill in some of the timeline gaps in the Members Only area. They’re sure to engage and entertain.

June ’22 Meeting

Thanks to everyone that made it along to the June Meeting. Despite is being the Queens Birthday long weekend, we were still educated in the culture of live foods, enjoyed a Murky Seb production on Rhadocentrus Ornatus in it’s natural habitat and our usual raffle & members draw, socialised and an auction, albeit smaller than usual. Lots auctioned off were:

M. Tri. Goyder River

M. Tri. Cato River

M. Boesemani

M. Sexlineata Fly River

M. Pygmaea

Empire Gudegons

Java Fern & Heaters

The raffle was won by Dr Tony Gill & Garry Spokes and the members draw by Oto Zubzanda. Congrats to you all!

No Opt-In fish draws until the weather warms up again now, due to risk of the fish perishing in transit.

A reminder, for anyone interested in the September combined clubs field trip to FNQ, you need to pay your $600 non-refundable deposit by 12 July to secure your place.

Next meeting, we have Adam Kereszy presenting and it’s also our AGM.

Watch your email inboxes during July for Committee nomination forms. If you have any items for inclusion on the AGM Agenda, please email to no later than 7th July.

April ’22 Meeting

Chris Lamin of Middle Creek Farm made the long trip up from Victoria to talk about how the business came into being and her work on conservation and breeding projects.
For those who don’t know Chris, the fish sold under licence at the March auction (Southern Pygmy Perch & Mogurnda Adspersa) came from her facility.

It was a really interesting presentation and you can find it posted on our Facebook page

The member draw was won by Peter Matheson (your $25 voucher is on it’s way).

The Fish Draw was won by Chris Vorbach, who selected the trio of M. Picta as his prize. Thanks to Lachlan for those.

The raffle was won by Lachlan & Jim.

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to everyone for attending. The weather had threatened to spoil the day, but great to see so many of your supporting the club and showing appreciation for Chris’ attendance.

Smile Liam, you’re on Candid Camera lol
A quick break before the auction

Autumn Super Auction

Well that was a HUGE day!

We cleared 403 Lots in 5 hours and took nearly $5,900, paid out nearly $4,800 to members and made nearly $1,100 commission for the club



C.Fasciata Clearwater Ck

C.Fasciata Lake Wanam

C.Fasciata Mamberamo

Galaxiella Pusilla – Dwarf Galaxia

Hypseleotris Compressa – Empire Gudgeon

I Werneri


M.Australis Fish Rvr

M.Australis Upper Katherine Rvr


M Duboulayi Byron Bay

M Duboulayi Coutts Crossing

M Duboulayi Goolang Ck

M Duboulayi Kangaroo Ck

M Duboulayi Olney State Forest




M Maccullochi Eubenange Swamp





M Praecox

M Rubrostriata

M Splendida Fletcher Ck

M.Splendida Mount Poverty

M.Splendida Wallaby Ck

M.Spl.Inornata Flatrock Ck

M Spl Inornata Running Ck


M Trifasciata Cato R

M.Trifasciata Goyder R

M.Trifasciata Habgood R

M Tri Myka Ck

M Utchiensis

Nannoperca Australis – Southern pygmy perch

Nannoperca Vittata – Western pygmy perch

P Furcatus

P Gertrudae Eubanangee Swamp

P Gertrudae Eurum Ck



P. Mellis

R Ornatus Coochin Ck

R Ornatus Evans Head

R Ornatus Poona Ck

R Ornatus Searys Ck

R Ornatus Snapper Ck Black

R Ornatus Stradbroke Is

R Ornatus Teewah Ck Ultra red

Tateurndina Ocellicauda – Peacock Gudgeon

Albino Long Fin Bristlenose

Black bar endlers

Blue acaras

Cardinal endlers

Common Long Fin Bristlenose

Danio Choprae

Danio Kyathit

Electric yellow cichlids


Julidochromis Marlieri Gombe

Lionhead cichlids

OB Blueberry Mbuna

Paradise fish – Blue

Paradise fish – Apricot

Peacock cichlids

Peppermint Catfish

Red cherry shrimp

Venustus cichlids

White Cloud Mountain Minnows


MOP-Myka Ck Trifasciata

MOP-Goyder R Trifasciata

MOP- M.Boesemani

MOP- M.Parva

MOP- M.Australis Upper Kathrine Rvr



MOP-M.Australis (Drysdale R)


MOP – C.Fasciata Lake Wanam

And to top it all off, we have new books in stock AND to make it even easier to buy through ANGFA NSW, we now have Afterpay available for all purchases made through the website, so you can spread the cost of any purchase over 4 installments

February ’22 Meeting

Great kick off to 2022 with a really well attended meeting and back at our regular home at Club Rivers.

Members Draw

The members draw was won by Manfred Hochwallner, who prompting spent his voucher on one of the treats in the auction

Fish Draw

The Opt-In fish draw was won by new member Jack Li – what a great way to be welcomed into the club!
Thanks to Lachlan for donating the prize fish again this month.


We had 77 lots auctioned off, including:

M Duboulayi Clarence River
Empire Gudgeons
P Signifer
M Spl Inornata Running Ck
M Trifasciata Goyder River
M Trifasciata Cato River
M Boesemani
P Ivanstoffi
I Werner Arufura Swamp
M Herbertaxelrodi
M Lacustrus
Firetail Gudgeons
P Mellis
White Cloud Mountain Minnows
M Sexlineata
M Duboulayi Olney State Forest
M Duboulayi Coutts Crossing
C Campsi

Java Fern
Java Moss
Needle leaf java fern
Thin Val
Giant Val
Louisiana Iris
Elephant Ears
Fry talk & filter
~40 copies of Fishes of Sahul

December ’21 Meeting

What a fantastic way to end another challenging year!

A huge thanks to the 1st Boronia Scout group for the use of their hall, without which this meeting wouldn’t have been possible.


We finally (thanks to COVID) got to hold our delayed AGM.
Positions are largely unchanged, except for Lachlan Nevinson taking over as Field trip Co-Ordinator and we welcome Brendan Moar onto the Committee as an Ordinary Member.

Remember, all members are welcome to join our Committee meetings – they’re not closed sessions – you just can’t vote if you’re not a committee member. Just reach out to Graham for a Zoom meeting link.

Breeders Draw

The breeders draw prize was very generously donated by our sponsor, ALLFISH2U, two $75 vouchers.

Our intention had been for one person to win a $150 prize.

The drawn winner was David Matheson, who equally generously forfeited his prize and asked for it to be re-drawn as two separate $75 prizes to give Others a greater chance.

Subsequently drawn winners were Lachlan Nevinson for M.Oktediensis and Graham Lathleiff for M. Spl. Tatei, each receiving a $75 voucher

Fish Draw

Trio’s of the following species are on offer this month, thanks to kind donations from Lothar.

John Sandstrom was the lucky winner and chose the Honey Blue Eyes from the prize pot, very kindly donated by Lothar – congratulations John!

With this space for details of the next Fish Draw, which will be drawn at the February meeting

Members Draw

Congratulations to Melanie Goldsmith for being drawn at random at the December meeting. Your prize is on its’ way.


Far more lots than expected and a fantastic range of species, some of which we very seldom, if ever, see through the auctions…hopefully a taste of things to come as our Breeders Draw programme matures.

Species / items through todays meeting were:

M. Boesemani

M. Spl Inornata Running Ck

M. Tri. Cato River

M. Tri. Goyder River

M. Tri. Habgood River

M. Rubrostriata

M. Papuae

C. Fasciata Lake Wanam

M. Duboulayi Kangaroo Ck

M. Duboulayi Byron Bay

I Werneri Arufura Swamp

M. Utchiensis

M. Synergos

C. Pagwiensis

Common Bristlenose

Emerse grown java moss

Water Celery

Terrarium moss


M. Australis UKR

C. Bleheri

P. Signifer (Northern – HUGE!)

M. Herbertaxelrodi

M. Splendida Wallaby Ck

P. Ivanstoffi

P. Furcatus

M. Goldei

M. Lacustrus

M. Oktediensis

M. Picta

R. Ornatus Evans Head

M. Kamaka

M. Maccullochi Eubanangee Swamp

Louisiana Iris

Needle leaf java fern

Java moss



The A-team
Bobs’ not really nodding off, he’s doing a great job getting the raffle tickets ready for drawing
Chris Vorbach – Raffle Winner – Field Trip Kit
Coming to a Bunnings near you….
Special award to ANGFA NSW Life Member and absolute treasure, John Buckley, to thank him for years of faithful service to the club and note his impending move to Queensland

October ’21 Fish Draw

Starting in October and tied in with our Breeders Draw a new initiative to help spread around those rarer fish, even while we’re locked down.

It costs you nothing to participate. The winner will be drawn at the end of the month and the fish sent to you by courier.

Thanks to Lachlan for donating the first draws’ prizes

The Winners of our first Members Fish Draw are….

1st prize – Kyle Antaw – 2 Pair of Chilatherina Fasciata Clearwater Creek
2nd prize – Sebastian Roe – 2 Pair of Pseudomugil Ivanstoffi

Congratulations to you both!

June ’21 General Meeting

Thanks to all our members and (very welcome) visitors for attending the June meeting.
Another good turnout and awesome array of seldom seen species through the auction, including…

M.Spl.Inornata Running Ck
M Rubrostriata
M Tri Cato Rvr
M Tri Myka Ck
M Tri Goyder Rvr F2
M Nigrans
M Boesmani
M Angfa
G Ramuensis
M Lacustrus
M Sexlineata
P Mellis
various plants, dry goods and ornamentals

M Mogurnda
M Australis Drysdale Rvr
Western Pygmy Perch
M Papuae
C Campsi
C Fasciata Wanam
M Picta
M Synergos
M Oktediensis
M Spl McIvor Ck
M Spl Fletcher Ck
Dub Byron Bay

March ’21 Super Auction

Thanks to everyone who braved to awful weather to make the event such a huge success.
Over $1500 was raised for the club funds from the auction commission and a fantastic variety of fish & plants were shared amongst members and, very welcome, guests from 326 lots…

Amazon Sword, Red var
Angel fish
Aphyosemion Poliaki
Aphyosemion Striatum
Bacopa Monieri
Bristlenose, common
Bristlenose, calico
Bristlenose, longfin
Bristlenose, Super Red
Bristlenose, peppermint
Celestial peral danios
C Bleheri
Christmas moss
Creeping Jenny
Crypt Balansae
Crypt Tonkinensis
Emerald eye rasbora
Empire gudgeons
Endlers livebearers
Golden pencilfish
I Werneri, Myall Ck
Java Fern, needle leaf
Java Fern, Windelov
Java Moss
Louisiana iris
M Affinis, Pagwi
M Australis, Drysdale River
M Australia, Fish River
M Boesmanni
M Duboulayi, Coutts Crossing
M Duboulayi, Goolang Ck
M Duboulayi, Kangaroo Ck
M Fluviatilis, Edwards River
M Herbertaxelrodi
M Inornata, Coomaline Crater

M Kamaka
M Lacustrus
M Macculochi, Moa Island
M Papuae
M Parkinsonii
M Parva
M Pygmaea
M Rubrostriata
M Sexlineata
M Splendida, Wallaby Ck
M Tri Cato River
M Tri Goyder River
M Tri Myka Ck
M Utchiensis
Mogurnda mogurnda (northern)
P Furcatus
P Gertrudae, Eubanangee Swamp
P Gertrudae, Eurum Ck
P Ivanstoffi
P Luminatus
P Mellis, Snapper Ck
P Signifer, Pappinbarra River
P Signifer, northern
P Tennellus
P Sp. Bloodwood Billabong
Peacock gudgeons
R Ornatus, Coochin Ck
R Ornatus, Evans Head
R Ornatus, Poona Ck
R Ornatus, Pine Ck
R Ornatus, Searys Ck
R Ornatus, Stradbroke Island
R Ornatus, Teewah Ck
Snowflake lily
Val, giant
Val, thin
Val, “extra thin”
White Cloud Mountain Minnows

It was a really well attended meeting and we signed up our 84th member for 2020/21!

Head over to the Events Page for the full list of dates for 2021

Competition Prizes

At the March Committee Meeting, we reviewed our prizes and decided upon a few changes, based upon member uptake.

The Members Draw will continue to be a $25 e-voucher, but can now be either spent on goods from the trade table, online shop or used during meeting auctions.

The draw will take place at general meetings, in front of the members going forward.

New Poster

If you attended the last National Convention in Melbourne, you may have seen a new rainbowfish poster put together by Greg Wallis with photos taken by Gunther Schmida.
We now have a stock of these amazing posters that can be bought with or without membership. Head over to the Shop page to order or grab one at the next meeting.

Save Manly Dam

Head on over to the Save Manly Dam Bushland Facebook page for updates on the only Climbing Galaxias habitat in the Sydney metro area.

ANGFA NSW Inc recently lodged an objection to a DA proposal for a seniors home near the site and has thankfully resulted in the application being refused…some breathing space until the next attempt!

More details on their struggle here and here