Membership Renewals

Renewal options are:
– Pay cash at the next meeting
– Contact David Matheson or Graham Lathleiff for the club bank account details for a direct transfer
– Renew online HERE

Remember, for ANGFA NSW memberships, you can ONLY join or renew direct with us – NOT through any other State or National

Next Meeting

We will be meeting on Saturday 12th February 2022 at Club Rivers, 32-34 Littleton Street, Riverwood and all are welcome

December Meeting

What a fantastic way to end another challenging year!

A huge thanks to the 1st Boronia Scout group for the use of their hall, without which this meeting wouldn’t have been possible.


We finally (thanks to COVID) got to hold our delayed AGM.
Positions are largely unchanged, except for Lachlan Nevinson taking over as Field trip Co-Ordinator and we welcome Brendan Moar onto the Committee as an Ordinary Member.

Remember, all members are welcome to join our Committee meetings – they’re not closed sessions – you just can’t vote if you’re not a committee member. Just reach out to Graham for a Zoom meeting link.

Breeders Draw

The breeders draw prize was very generously donated by our sponsor, ALLFISH2U, two $75 vouchers.

Our intention had been for one person to win a $150 prize.

The drawn winner was David Matheson, who equally generously forfeited his prize and asked for it to be re-drawn as two separate $75 prizes to give Others a greater chance.

Subsequently drawn winners were Lachlan Nevinson for M.Oktediensis and Graham Lathleiff for M. Spl. Tatei, each receiving a $75 voucher

Fish Draw

Trio’s of the following species are on offer this month, thanks to kind donations from Lothar.

John Sandstrom was the lucky winner and chose the Honey Blue Eyes from the prize pot, very kindly donated by Lothar – congratulations John!

With this space for details of the next Fish Draw, which will be drawn at the February meeting

Members Draw

Congratulations to Melanie Goldsmith for being drawn at random at the December meeting. Your prize is on its’ way.


Far more lots than expected and a fantastic range of species, some of which we very seldom, if ever, see through the auctions…hopefully a taste of things to come as our Breeders Draw programme matures.

Species / items through todays meeting were:

M. Boesemani

M. Spl Inornata Running Ck

M. Tri. Cato River

M. Tri. Goyder River

M. Tri. Habgood River

M. Rubrostriata

M. Papuae

C. Fasciata Lake Wanam

M. Duboulayi Kangaroo Ck

M. Duboulayi Byron Bay

I Werneri Arufura Swamp

M. Utchiensis

M. Synergos

C. Pagwiensis

Common Bristlenose

Emerse grown java moss

Water Celery

Terrarium moss


M. Australis UKR

C. Bleheri

P. Signifer (Northern – HUGE!)

M. Herbertaxelrodi

M. Splendida Wallaby Ck

P. Ivanstoffi

P. Furcatus

M. Goldei

M. Lacustrus

M. Oktediensis

M. Picta

R. Ornatus Evans Head

M. Kamaka

M. Maccullochi Eubanangee Swamp

Louisiana Iris

Needle leaf java fern

Java moss



The A-team
Bobs’ not really nodding off, he’s doing a great job getting the raffle tickets ready for drawing
Chris Vorbach – Raffle Winner – Field Trip Kit
Coming to a Bunnings near you….
Special award to ANGFA NSW Life Member and absolute treasure, John Buckley, to thank him for years of faithful service to the club and note his impending move to Queensland

October Fish Draw

Starting in October and tied in with our Breeders Draw a new initiative to help spread around those rarer fish, even while we’re locked down.

It costs you nothing to participate. The winner will be drawn at the end of the month and the fish sent to you by courier.

Thanks to Lachlan for donating the first draws’ prizes

The Winners of our first Members Fish Draw are….

1st prize – Kyle Antaw – 2 Pair of Chilatherina Fasciata Clearwater Creek
2nd prize – Sebastian Roe – 2 Pair of Pseudomugil Ivanstoffi

Congratulations to you both!

June General Meeting

Thanks to all our members and (very welcome) visitors for attending the June meeting.
Another good turnout and awesome array of seldom seen species through the auction, including…

M.Spl.Inornata Running Ck
M Rubrostriata
M Tri Cato Rvr
M Tri Myka Ck
M Tri Goyder Rvr F2
M Nigrans
M Boesmani
M Angfa
G Ramuensis
M Lacustrus
M Sexlineata
P Mellis
various plants, dry goods and ornamentals

M Mogurnda
M Australis Drysdale Rvr
Western Pygmy Perch
M Papuae
C Campsi
C Fasciata Wanam
M Picta
M Synergos
M Oktediensis
M Spl McIvor Ck
M Spl Fletcher Ck
Dub Byron Bay

March Super Auction

Thanks to everyone who braved to awful weather to make the event such a huge success.
Over $1500 was raised for the club funds from the auction commission and a fantastic variety of fish & plants were shared amongst members and, very welcome, guests from 326 lots…

Amazon Sword, Red var
Angel fish
Aphyosemion Poliaki
Aphyosemion Striatum
Bacopa Monieri
Bristlenose, common
Bristlenose, calico
Bristlenose, longfin
Bristlenose, Super Red
Bristlenose, peppermint
Celestial peral danios
C Bleheri
Christmas moss
Creeping Jenny
Crypt Balansae
Crypt Tonkinensis
Emerald eye rasbora
Empire gudgeons
Endlers livebearers
Golden pencilfish
I Werneri, Myall Ck
Java Fern, needle leaf
Java Fern, Windelov
Java Moss
Louisiana iris
M Affinis, Pagwi
M Australis, Drysdale River
M Australia, Fish River
M Boesmanni
M Duboulayi, Coutts Crossing
M Duboulayi, Goolang Ck
M Duboulayi, Kangaroo Ck
M Fluviatilis, Edwards River
M Herbertaxelrodi
M Inornata, Coomaline Crater

M Kamaka
M Lacustrus
M Macculochi, Moa Island
M Papuae
M Parkinsonii
M Parva
M Pygmaea
M Rubrostriata
M Sexlineata
M Splendida, Wallaby Ck
M Tri Cato River
M Tri Goyder River
M Tri Myka Ck
M Utchiensis
Mogurnda mogurnda (northern)
P Furcatus
P Gertrudae, Eubanangee Swamp
P Gertrudae, Eurum Ck
P Ivanstoffi
P Luminatus
P Mellis, Snapper Ck
P Signifer, Pappinbarra River
P Signifer, northern
P Tennellus
P Sp. Bloodwood Billabong
Peacock gudgeons
R Ornatus, Coochin Ck
R Ornatus, Evans Head
R Ornatus, Poona Ck
R Ornatus, Pine Ck
R Ornatus, Searys Ck
R Ornatus, Stradbroke Island
R Ornatus, Teewah Ck
Snowflake lily
Val, giant
Val, thin
Val, “extra thin”
White Cloud Mountain Minnows

It was a really well attended meeting and we signed up our 84th member for 2020/21!

Head over to the Events Page for the full list of dates for 2021

Competition Prizes

At the March Committee Meeting, we reviewed our prizes and decided upon a few changes, based upon member uptake.

The Members Draw will continue to be a $25 e-voucher, but can now be either spent on goods from the trade table, online shop or used during meeting auctions.

The draw will take place at general meetings, in front of the members going forward.

New Poster

If you attended the last National Convention in Melbourne, you may have seen a new rainbowfish poster put together by Greg Wallis with photos taken by Gunther Schmida.
We now have a stock of these amazing posters that can be bought with or without membership. Head over to the Shop page to order or grab one at the next meeting.

Field Trip Report

Read all about the Olive Perchlet finding from a recent joint field trip supported by ANGFA NSW HERE

Save Manly Dam

Head on over to the Save Manly Dam Bushland Facebook page for updates on the only Climbing Galaxias habitat in the Sydney metro area.

ANGFA NSW Inc recently lodged an objection to a DA proposal for a seniors home near the site and has thankfully resulted in the application being refused…some breathing space until the next attempt!

More details on their struggle here and here